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About the project

AVITRACK logo AVITRACK was a IST-FP6 European project in collaboration with Silogic S.A. Toulouse (FR), University of Reading (UK), CCI Aeroport Toulouse Blagnac (France), Fedespace (France), Tekever LDA, Lisbon (Portugal), ARC Seibersdorf research GMBH, Wien (Austria), Technique Universities, Vienna (Austria), IKT (Norway) and Euro Inter (Toulouse France).

During this 2-year project, algorithms were developed to recognize the servicing activities around parked aircraft in an apron area monitored by eight cameras in Toulouse airport (France).

The AVITRACK Project ran from February 2004 till March 2006.

AVITRACK Airport Apron

My role

I had the privilege of working on this project while I was employed as a research assistant with the Computational Vision Group at the University of Reading. The University of Reading was in charge of the work packages that dealt with camera calibration, motion detection, object tracking, object categorisation, object localisation and data fusion. As a group we published a number of conference and journal papers on research done for this project \(-\) please see the publications page for more information.

More information

The AVITRACK Project Summary Report

More Info on AVITRACK can be found here and here.

The following videos show some results of the AVITRACK project:









Presentations & Project Documentation

Below are some presentations and other documentation that was produced as part of the AVITRACK project.

AVITRACK presentation

AVITRACK presentation

AVITRACK presentation

AVITRACK presentation

AVITRACK presentation

AVITRACK presentation